PhaseOne XT IQ4 150MP + Rodenstock 50mm F/5.6

150MP - Nr.1 på bildekvalitet !

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

The XT Camera System is developed as the next step in the evolution of the field camera.
Phase One was born digital and, by pioneering a fully integrated camera with medium and large format optics, we endeavor to streamline and re-imagine the benefits a field camera can provide.
The XT Camera System features medium and large format optics, complete digital integration and workflow, and introduces exclusive shutter technology: the X-Shutter.

Full digital integration

The XT Camera System is the first of its kind – a fully integrated digital field camera supporting medium and large format optics.
It seamlessly integrates shutter controls without the need for external power, accessories or cables. Comprised of an IQ4, XT Camera Body, X-Shutter, and XT- Rodenstock lens, the camera system places complete control at your fingertips and enables an effortless capture workflow.

Integrated exposure control

Compose, focus and shoot – it’s that simple.
With the full digital integration of the XT Camera System, shutter and aperture controls are integrated into the IQ4 touch screen to allow for seamless and intuitive operation with 100% accurate results. Beyond the essential communication of the components, the XT Camera Body incorporates a simple and straightforward dual-action shutter button, all of which elevate the field camera ideals to the 21
st century.

Quality optics

Known for their great resolving power and contrast even at large apertures, the optical design of Rodenstock HR lenses reduces diffraction and color noise, even at the pixel density of the IQ4 150MP, providing further flexibility to the full frame medium format sensor.

  • The XT – Rodenstock HR 70mm f/5.6 is a normal focal length lens with impeccable image quality and a large image circle.

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