PhaseOne XT IQ4 100MP Trichromatic + 70mm optikk

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Full digital integration

The XT Camera System is the first field camera to feature full digital integration.
Comprised of an IQ4 Digital Back, an XT Camera Body, and an XT – Rodenstock HR lens with the exclusive X-Shutter technology, the XT requires no additional cables or accessories, and enables an effortless capture workflow.

Constant evolution

The XT Camera System, built on the Infinity Platform, is designed to expand and evolve.
The future addition of lenses, accessories, integrations and features for the XT supports limitless potential and even simpler use.
The XT is a camera system that is extraordinary now and is poised to get even better with age.

Complete workflow

The benefits of an integrated system expand beyond the XT camera itself.
The entire system works in harmony throughout the entire workflow, from capture to end result.
The first of its kind, the XT Camera System integrates recorded metadata directly into the Capture One software, allowing for efficient and detailed post-processing improvements.

Modular flexibility

Phase One Camera Systems are designed for modular flexibility.
Use the IQ4 Digital Back with the XT Camera Body for an effortless, travel-friendly solution, or switch to the XF Camera Body for more automation, granular customization, and tools to make your workflow more dynamic.
No matter what you choose, you’ll be impressed by the unsurpassed image quality that Phase One is known for.

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